Bob Towell & Pete Budd from Salford Harriers spent  yesterday checking that the course at BHC is fit for purpose. As you can imagine,  there were parts of the course that they could do very little with. Essentially the far end of the park from section ‘F’ to ‘G’, on the map previously posted.

What they have decided to do is shorten the large lap and turn runners left just after point ‘F’ to rejoin the main course further down the hill. An updated ‘Bad Weather Course’ map under “Venues & Course Maps”

The U15’s won’t see much of a difference to their course other than it being approx 400m shorter, so just cutting the large lap short.

For the older age groups they will be running the small loop ‘ABC’ before they complete the rest of their course. Total distances will now be approx 400m shorter for each of the U17,s and the Seniors.

It is unlikely that we will have any paper copies of the new map available on the day. We are asking clubs to be responsible for making sure that their runners are informed about these changes and bring their own copies of the maps with them. These maps are also easily accessible via a smart phone on twitter or the website.

The more organised among you will have someone to ‘meet&greet’ your members as they arrive and impart this information to them. The really organised will be getting onto them as soon as you’ve read this post!!

Please remember to wrap up well and have a change of clothing/hot drink etc. There is potential for further changes so please keep checking the website/twitter/emails for the latest news.

Saturday is set to be a day for the cross country traditionalists !