The MACCL AGM was held on Monday night. For the first time since Covid, this was held at Sport City, as opposed to online. Thank you to all that attended. Val Brennan will circulate the minutes.

As you will know, we have been consulting on Run Equal for some six weeks now, culminating in the Clubs voting. Thank you for taking the discussions to your Clubs. The result of the vote was as below. For any change to the constitution requires a vote of 66%. While the result was closer than four years ago, it did not achieve the necessary numbers.

  • 49 Affiliated Clubs were entitled to vote.  
  • 46 Clubs voted.
  • 24 voted no change (52%) 
  • 22 voted for change (48%)
  • Of the 48% that voted for change, the breakdown is below…
  • 17 voted for equalisation at 8k.
  • One Club voted for either 8k or 10k
  • Three Clubs voted for 10k
  • One Club did not vote on distance.

The “Working Group” of The League, are very aware of the widespead views on this topic…now twice in four years this has become a huge debate. Irrespective of the outcome, we would encourage all athletes/supporters of The League, to come together as one, and help to continue with the very healthy growth of The League over the previous ten years…the participation and the excitement of Match days!

We take this discussion very seriously, and its not something that we can continually revisit. Having spoken with the governing body, our plan is to only revisit this when the governing body decide to, and then when they give instruction/mandate change.

Thank you all…if you are at our Presentation Evening on Friday, we will see you then. If not, enjoy some summer sun, and we will see you all in October for mud, healthy competition, and more.

Nick and the Working Party.