Click here for UPDATEPOSTMATCH3  with stats from the third match at Boggart Hole Clough, news on entries,  plus lots more information.  Click here for updated  2016PRESENTATIONFLYER and here for MERITAWARDFLYER. Please take the time to read the update and to look at the flyers. See addendum below re Men’s Results.  Any queries please contact me [Brenda – email

Addendum to Post-Match Three Update: Please note, there are three corrections to the Men’s Results still outstanding. They are:

Psn 27 No.907 David Brockway Snr Wirral 39:10 – not No.407 Roland Bowness V65 Salford

Psn 63 No.285 Paul Nutter V40 Stockport 41:37 – not No.53 Drew Savage V40 Chorlton

Psn 64 No.585 Richard Brierley Snr Manchester YMCA 41:38 – not Paul Nutter

Unfortunately, I am not able to get these errors corrected until next week so please accept my apologies, especially the athletes concerned. I have been in contact with Power of Ten and they now have the correct results. Any queries, please contact me – Brenda [email]