There has been considerable communication by a number of Leagues reference the tragic loss of the lives of two very talented athletes in Hampshire earlier this week.

I am aware that some clubs intend making their own decisions with regards to the wearing of black arm bands or similar.

We have also discussed this within our own League.

Ordinarily, George Tivey (our race announcer), also observes a one minute silence as a part of Remembrance Day at Match two. This does not have to be at 11.00. 

The weather may not be kind tomorrow and we don’t want athletes stood motionless on the start line when ordinarily, they would be jumping up and down to stay warm. 

We will observe a minutes silence, and we will make this decision as to when early in the morning tomorrow and in part based upon the weather/start and finish times of races etc. It may be that we combine the two (with Remembrance Day).

Our thoughts are with their families, friends and fellow club members.