Its one of the most challenging of our courses! Congratulations to our race winners, and very well done to all that took part.

Its been a challenging few weeks for the host club, Salford Harriers and our thanks to their team admirably managed by Pete Budd and Bob Towell.

Thank you all for your co-operation in helping to ensure race day plans and changes were adhered to. It makes a huge difference in working with all Park users.

Graham Fecitt who processes our results could not be with us on the day, hence the slight delay in processing. These will be available via the SportSoft Results site soon.

Pictures courtesy of Jon-Paul Kearns will also be uploaded to this site once available.

Video coverage kindly supplied by Dave Norman, can be viewed from his Running Live site.

We now move on to Match Three and Manchester University/Kenworthy Woods, Saturday 2nd December. See you all there.