Manchester Area Cross Country League – 2020/2021 Season – Cancelled

Sadly the League’s Working Group has come to the conclusion that a League match is not feasible and have reluctantly decided to cancel the Manchester Area 2020/21 Season. Instead we will concentrate our efforts on 2021/22.

Please be assured that a lot of work has been done in an endeavour to save 20/21 but it all comes down to safety. The League is very fortunate to have Ruth Bardsley on the working group because her “real” job in Public Health means she has been, and is, actively working on infection control and covid outbreak management. Ruth’s advice is that it would be irresponsible to hold a cross country event this season and reminds us that the way we live our lives in these incredibly difficult times may have far reaching consequences. We mustn’t look at what we want without considering the possible consequences.

We know this decision will not be welcome but we hope you understand and we hope you will want to join us in 21/22.

The MACCL Working Group