Details of the MACCL AGM (Zoom) have been sent to all Club Team Managers.

One area that I want to bring to your attention is highlighted below…

You will see from the Agenda that I’m stepping down at the AGM which leaves the Secretary’s position vacant. Arnold is also stepping down, leaving a position on the working group vacant. The League is also looking for a volunteer to take on the production of course maps. If you, or anyone you know, is interested and would like to discuss any of the vacancies please don’t hesitate to contact me or Nick Bishop ( before the AGM. Brenda Bradshaw.

The current team is myself (Chair), Stephen Hindmarsh (Treasurer), Ruth Bardsley & Pete Budd.

Brenda and Arnold will leave a huge hole and we should be hugely grateful for their tireless work, and for more seasons than many of you realise…Not just as MACCL, but the various predecessors. The standing of the League, and the respect in which it is held reflects admirably on them both.

As Brenda says in her note, we now have two vacancies. Participation in cross country is on the increase, and we want to continue to both deliver healthy & competitive competition within the League.

Want to know more and consider getting involved? Please do contact me.

Thanks everyone…Happy New Year!

Nick Bishop.