Not long before Match One at Wythenshawe Park…Saturday 16th October.

Chip timing has been introduced…please make sure that you have been entered.

Details are here.

Manchester Area Cross Country League (MACCL)

Fees for Season 2021/22 


  1. This season MACCL will be introducing a chip timing system. This means we will need to change the way runners are entered and pay for races
  2. Entries will be via:  website (Sportsoft). Entries will open on 14th September and close on 3rd October. There will be no late entries and no entries on the day.


Clubs will need to affiliate for the season as before.  Affiliation forms have been sent to clubs.  The fee per club is £50 per club per season.  There is the usual exemption for clubs who host a match.  There are no refunds.

Runners Fees

  1. The fee per runner will be £7 per runner per season. This fee applies throughout the season at whatever stage of the season the runner is entered.  Payable in advance at the time the runner is entered.
  2. In addition to the £7 fee Sportsoft will charge an administration fee of 50p per entry plus 5% of the event entry fee. This fee is payable by the individual runner if they enter themselves.  However, in the case of a block entry by a club’s team manager, MACCL will pay the relevant administration fee.
  3. The fee for a replacement number is £3 payable in cash at registration on match day.
  4. The fee for a guest runner will be £8 per race and £10 for a guest runner who is unattached. The administration fee is also payable. The fee is payable in advance using the Sportsoft website (details above). There is a separate portal for guest runners.


  1. Prior to the closing date for each match refunds will be dealt with by Sportsoft in accordance with the refund policy on their website
  2. In the event that MACCL cancel a match or matches due to Coronavirus after the relevant match closing date MACCL will refund the runners fees. This refund will be made to clubs only and will be made as soon as possible before the end of the season when all Coronavirus cancellations are known.  The refund rate will be £1.40 per runner per match cancelled.
  3. MACCL will not make refunds in any other circumstances including where an individual is entered twice i.e. by themselves and by their club.