22nd November 

Match Three at Heaton Park 

We became aware yesterday, that there were huge challenges in the staging of Heaton Park on Saturday 3 December.

This only became apparent when a working group from host club Manchester Harriers visited the venue. A number of large external events have been accommodated by the park, and which run until the New Year.

Manchester Harriers had the venue booked in good faith, the course map and risk assessment filed with the relevant personnel, only for the stakeholders to proceed with additional commercial events.

We have had numerous exchanges of email, and an emergency meeting convened last night.

This means that Heaton Park cannot be used in December. We have looked at and considered other options and had conversation, but the timescales make this impossible…licences etc.

We looked at three dates in March, but the only practical one is Saturday 11 March, again at Heaton Park…this has now been booked. We recognize that this is the same day as the I/C Cross Country but it is our only option, to allow us to still enjoy a five Match Season.

We will also look for dates for our presentation evening and AGM.

We wanted to let you know as soon as possible, to allow you to plan.

All entries are valid for the March date.

Thank you for your understanding.

MACCL Working Group 22nd November