Happy Christmas All! 🙂

Thank you to those that have been able to send constructive responses regards to the recent update concerning slower times in the mens race. The temporary decision made was based on H&S grounds and no more. We will reply with a summary over the next few days. It will also form part of an agenda list at The AGM (date tbc), and as outlined in the note.

For those that used the word “misogynistic”, we have a team of five, and to have equality in the gender of my excellent and hard working team, means splitting someone in half (currently three men & two ladies)….not an easy task! Regards to “equality of distance”, its also worth remembering that the League acted on the wishes of the voting Clubs…administering the vote on your behalf.

Thank you for your continued support. Come back refreshed in The New Year. We go again at Tatton Park.

Regards to all.