We are revisiting The Run Equal consideration as part of the AGM but given the importance of this, we are proceeding per below. All Club Reps or Team Managers are invited to attend a Zoom call on Monday 8th April, at 7.30. Details have been sent to Clubs.

 At the end of the meeting, Clubs will be given the opportunity to be sent the information shared amongst The League Working Group for their own Club’s consideration. Nick Bishop (Chair) will also add to the MACCL website.

Club Reps/Team Managers MUST then share all information within their Clubs and have a meaningful dialogue with all your XC runners.

Finally each Club must then send by Weds 24th April (latest), their decision on the below. One vote per Club.

Responses to Val Brennan (MACCL Secretary) by email:

 Does your Club want the League to move to equality of distance in the Senior Races?

If yes, over what distance…this is an important aspect of Run Equal. If the distance were 8k, all men would have to drop to that distance. If the distance were 10k, a separate race for U20 athletes would have to be considered. 

When the vote is complete and for transparency, we will confirm the result at The AGM and the ways that Clubs voted and in the hope that the Club Reps have acted on the wishes of the athletes.

The MACCL Working Party.