An update on Run Equal following the Zoom call of last night. Thank you to all that attended. Val Brennan has since written to all Team Managers/Club Reps today. The question, and which was slightly amended at the request of the meeting, since clarified to avoid ambiguity and with reference to the constiution.

Does your Club want the League to move to equality of distance in the Senior Races? Please vote on the below.

  1. Does your Club want no change to the current format…Keep two separate distances for the male and female athletes?
  2. If you want change, then please confirm which of the two options you would want to see introduced:
    1. Run Equal at 8k
    2. Run Equal at 10k 
Under 3.11 of the constitution…
3.11. No modification may be made to the rules of this Constitution except at a properly convened AGM or EGM. Any substantive change shall require a favourable vote of two thirds of those present who are eligible to vote, unless such a change is required to comply with the laws of
UKA or any other body which may become the appropriate governing body for cross country
For the League to adopt Run Equal, would require a favourable  vote of two thirds of the votes submitted.
If point (2), has that majority, the League would adopt this, and at the distance voted in point 2.1/2.2

Club Reps/Team Managers MUST then share this information within their Clubs and have a meaningful dialogue with all their XC runners before they vote. Finally, each Club must then send by Weds 24th April (latest), their decision on the above. One vote per Club. Responses to Val Brennan (MACCL Secretary) by email:  When the vote is complete and for transparency, we will confirm the result at The AGM and the ways that Clubs voted.

It was agreed that all of the information made available to the League Working Party, would also be shared to ensure that prior to any vote from each Club, that people can decide based on the full facts. Views of The Working Party are not included.

  1. Duncan Mason (Salford Harriers Coach & Physio) Duncan Mason 2024 Equality
  2. A selection of feedback from Chorlton Runners Kenworthy-XC-MACCL-Feedback
  3. Sue Exon (Trafford AC Coach) Sue MACCL SE EQUALITY
  4. Two responses from Salford Harriers Female Athletes Salford H Two responses
  5. Feedback received from athletes after Kenworthy Woods Reactions to 8k
  6. Documentation supplied by Arwel Williams of Liverpool Harriers & Northern Atletics XC Rep)r Cross country: when equality is neither fair or progressive
  7. Documentation supplied by Tony Wood (Chair Northern Athletics) AW article
  8. Documentation supplied by Steve Gaines (Northern Athletics XC Rep)  Additional comments were also supplied, see below.NOE1 NOE2.
  9. Documentation provided below by Neal Wainwright of Chorlton Runners

  1. Further commentary was also provided with the attachments from Northern Athletics. The survey summary and survey results are attached. (82 clubs and 9 County Associations submitted responses to our survey on the issue of cross-country equalisation. The clubs who responded had a total of 13,723 registered athletes). The survey results show that a huge majority of those surveyed rejected the equalisation, but there was a very vocal minority (based in Manchester) who made lots of noise, via social media, trying to go against the majority view.

Please note that everything has been provided in its entirety. This will allow you, the athletes and Clubs to make your own decisions. I was unsure to include the final lines in italics above, but had I taken this out of the summary, would have meant my doctoring the information as provided.

Your Working Party have tried to be as transparent as possible. We recognise that this is a divisive issue between Clubs. You have all the information and from a variety of sources. You will naturally have your own wishes & wants, but I also hope that you will take on board the variety of views provided.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope that it helps with your decisions.

Nick Bishop on behalf of The MACCL Team.